Smiling is a positive virus that is highly contagious and spreads incredibly fast. MaDsmile stands exactly for this smile and the positivity associated with it.

We try to spread this feeling by combining fashion with a sense of solidarity. Therefore, in addition to releasing awesome products, we also want to use our platform to educate our community and support people in need.

Karma Blog

In this world, we all need to work together and not against each other. This is exactly why we are trying to spread more laughter in the world. We will educate and publish blog posts on our Karma Blog about certain topics that are important to us and our community. In addition, we will decide together to which organization or project a certain percentage of our earnings will go to. 

With our platform we want to give our community a voice and we encourage everyone who wants to contribute to the Karma blog by writing an own article or sharing ideas and experiences (also privately).

Thus, the whole MaDsmile Family supports awesome projects and together we can infect even more people with a MaDsmile.  

Handmade Screen-Printing

In order to offer you the highest quality, our products are exclusively printed with a handmade screen printing made in Germany. In addition, we use only water-based inks for our prints instead of the commonly used plastisol inks that contain liquid plasticizers.

Environmentally-friendly packaging and shipping

Our main focus regarding our packaging is sustainability, that's why our shipping bags are made of 100% compostable corn starch.  To ensure that our products reach you undamaged, each item is packaged in our reusable zipper.

Additionally, we ship our packages environmentally conscious with DHL Go Green.