What is the Karma Blog?

What is the Karma Blog?

We are happy that you found your way to our Karma Blog and welcome you to our first blog post. If you are wondering what the Karma Blog is all about, here is a short explanation. We will use this blog to discuss certain topics that are important to us and our community. We will publish blog posts about them and go into more detail about the specific topic to create more awareness. In the course of each collection, organizations will be introduced that are dedicated to exactly one of these topics and that try to spread more positivity through their efforts and commitment.

At the beginning of each collection, we will run a poll on our Instagram profile madsmileofficial to find a new topic together that we are all passionate about.

We are convinced that every improvement is always preceded by the perception of the problem, so the first thing we will do is publish an introductory blog about the selected topic. With this we want to give you a general overview and raise awareness. This will be followed by further posts, which will go into more detail and introduce organizations that are specifically engaged with the topic.

Towards the end of each collection, we will decide together via a vote on Instagram to which organization 5% of our profit will go. This way, the entire MaDsmile Family supports awesome projects and together we can spread laughter to even more people.

Guest contribution
If any of you feel addressed by the topic and would like to share your experiences or impressions (also anonymously), we would be very happy about a guest contribution. We are firmly convinced that only together we can achieve an improvement. For this reason, the more people participate in the Karma Blog, the more effective and bigger it will be, thus the topics will reach more people and together we can make a positive change.>

Through the Karma blog we want to raise more awareness for topics that are not often discussed in public. Moreover, we want to motivate our community to become proactive themselves. Of course we will not change the world from one day to the next, but many small steps can have a big effect. We owe it to ourselves and our future generations to try our best to make the world a little bit more positive.

PS: We don't see ourselves as experts in any of the topics, but of course we will do our best to communicate them in the best possible way. Our main focus remains to release clothes for you and to spread laughter and positivity.